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The 2014 Upwind Downwind Conference: Built Environment - Foundation for Clean Air took place on Monday February 24th, 2014 at the Sheraton hotel in downtown Hamilton. The 2014 theme of built environment explored how the built environment and transportation can improve air quality, address climate change and improve local health.

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In Hamilton, people and organizations across the city are taking action against climate change in creative ways and we want to know about it. Some people and organization are noticing the impacts of climate change and we want to know about that too. What are you doing to take action? What have you noticed? Take a picture of it and help us put it on the Hamilton Carbon Map ( to show and share what you and others are doing in Hamilton. The McMaster Centre for Climate Change ( with support from the Hamilton Climate Change Charter ( and Clean Air Hamilton have put together an on-line interactive map where you can see and find out about interesting projects or actions that you never knew existed in Hamilton addressing climate change.

In 2013, an air monitor has returned to East Hamilton. The "Air Pointer" Monitor is located at Sam Mason Park in the East Hamilton. This air monitoring pilot at Sam Manson Park (Station 29105) will take place from January 1st, 2013 to January 1st, 2014. You can access the real-time air monitoring data through the Hamilton Air Monitoring Network (HAMN)

Clean Air Hamilton endorses and supports the community Hamilton Climate Change Action Charter. The first community Climate Change Charter in Ontario.

The Charter is meant to increase citizen's awareness on climate change, seek leadership and commitment to act from key organizations in the City, and provide a starting point for community action and measurements of progress on combating climate change in Hamilton. More about the Charter can be found at:

Clean Air Hamilton is pleased to release the 2012 Health Impacts Study of Air Pollutants in Hamilton. This study updates the health risks (cardiovascular and respiratory) associated with air pollutants (Particulate Matter, Nitrogen Oxides, Ozone, Sulphur Dioxide, and Carbon Monoxide), work that was originally undertaken for HAQI in 1997 and Clean Air Hamilton in 2003. We can thus get a clearer picture of the health impacts associated with poor air quality in our City. Due to improvements in air quality in Hamilton over the last 10 years, there was also interest to see if associated health impacts have been reduced. The results of the study indeed show that there are health benefits to reducing air emissions in Hamilton. This report can be found at:

In 2010-2011, 11 different areas of Hamilton were sampled using the mobile monitoring to identify the day to day health impacts of air emissions in their lives. This work was undertaken in partnership with interested and concerned neighbourhoods in Hamilton and sponsored through ArcelorMittal Dofasco's Community Grant. The results of these areas can be found here
In June 2009, The Hamilton Air Monitoring Network launched giving online public access to the real-time air monitoring data in Hamilton air monitoring network.

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